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Dev: Tex

Biz: Chris

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Description is a simple, multiplayer browser game where you can choose between 3 classes: Wizard, Archer and Warrior to enter a dungeon and combat against people all over the world.


Dreams in the early years...

When i started gaming in the early years, mmorpgs were the "thing", the idea of getting millions of players together in a virtual place was just mesmerising for me. But as i progressed into this games, things started to get repetitive and boring, but one: Fighting!

So i thought, imagine if we can just take all those long and boring tasks and quests to just go straight to the point: fighting!

well that is, a no nonsense mass pvp game.

Why the name munera?

I just wanted to create a place where all people could enjoy fast pased pvp fights, so the nature of the arena and the way we are hosting a great event for all fighters to join, made the name clear.

Remember that munera are athletic contests or spectacles as contribution to the community.



>Cross platform


>Funny pixel art game

>WASD or mouse controls